Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mermaids Swim

Sometimes a mermaid can’t take another moment without being submerged in an icy cold body of water. That is what happened yesterday when Raine and I decided to drive an hour from Santa Fe to swim in Abiquiu Lake and allow our fins to soak and my heart to cleanse.

The lake was magnificent with red rocks rimming the edge and a flat rock ledge a few feet under the surface for us to stand on before swimming out into the expansive blue and resting in the support of the water’s icy embrace. She was just what I needed and she welcomed us so openly, even though we couldn’t stay long and had never visited before.

A storm rumbled in crackling with lightening against a dark cloud background. Every cell in my body danced with delight and exhilaration as we drove back to Santa Fe. What a gift to be able to dip into the watery womb of Creation herself. We are so privileged to be having such an amazing human experience.
Swimming with the Current,

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