Monday, November 12, 2007

Paris in the Spring

Before leaving for Iraq, I told my daughter, Raine, that when I returned in a year, I would take her anywhere in the world that she wanted to go. In my mind, I envisioned her choosing somewhere exotic like Kenya, India or Thailand. But that was my wandering spirit's longing, she chose Paris. So that is where we went.

Her young spirit wanted what so many girls her age dream of - fashion, shopping and glamour. She wanted to be a Princess in Paris.

We went up the Eiffel Tower, spent hoards of money on clothes, ate in the Latin Quarter, lit candles in Notre Dame, spent hours in the Louvre and at least 20 minutes in front of the Mona Lisa alone. We rode the metro everywhere and walked down the Champs Elyse. It was simply magical, just Raine, me and Paris.

Next spring break we are going to Venice and then taking the train over to Rome. I can't wait!!!

I Spoke to the Ocean

I spoke to the ocean the other day about my desire to understand and embrace expansive, abundant love and to let go of attachment and expectations in love, relationships and sex.

She showed me her expansive depth and then asked me, "What if I only allowed one whale or one fish or one boat to swim within my waters, how limiting would that be?

That was when I laughed a loud looking out at the infinite vastness of the ocean's surface and not even being able to comprehend the depths she reached and the life and love that she held.

She continued by telling me, "I can support and love so much life. Why do you limit yourself to living within the confines of your Puritanical upbringing. It seems filled with limitation, fear and shame. Perhaps your old ideas of love and relationship are old and outdated and no longer serve you. Think about it, expansive love may be your way of doing love." ~the Ocean

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I Have a Vision

I have a vision that a revolution of the soul begins and a whisper is sent across the fields and over the mountains and nestles into the hearts of little girls in every country and in every clime and place in the world. The girls hear it and it coats their soul like melted chocolate and ignites a spark of knowing – a re-membering.

Once heard, felt and tasted these girls are changed and cannot go back. The song keeps traveling around the world gaining momentum and gathering into one vibration that cannot be ignored. Through this vibration the girls of the world discover their innate freedom and power within and they carefully, wisely and audaciously shift the course of civilization.

Some move more quickly and are punished but they wouldn’t and couldn’t have acted any other way. These girls are the trail-blazers – the warriors – they sacrifice their safety and their lives for the millions that will follow.

Most of the girls are more subtly and in their slow yet deliberate change, people begin to treat them differently without being conscious of why.

It is all done with love, gratitude and forgiveness – love and gratitude for one’s self first and foremost. And forgiveness for not realizing the immense power that each of us holds. This is the message the song contains. It is powerful beyond measure.

In my vision the song continues to be sung as it travels around the world joined by the stars, the moon and the sun. This song can be heard only by the heart. The animals and the whales on this planet carry this song along as well. For they know it is in these girls that the world will become whole again. In the balance of the masculine and feminine there will be light and healing. Everything will come to balance once again with this song.