Monday, October 8, 2007

The Power of Intention Took Me to Italy

A few years ago I set an intention to travel to exotic places more often. Since that declaration, I went to Iraq for year, Hawaii twice for extended periods, Paris for a week and I spent ten days this spring in Amalfi, Italy photographing an enchanting wedding. Ever since I can remember I've wanted to travel to Amalfi, Italy and here I was being paid to travel there and create images of their wedding.

Laura and Brandon’s wedding was an intimate event filled with love, family and inclusiveness. It was such a privilege to see such a close family travel to the other side of the world to witness their marriage. The ceremony lasted all day as we travelled from the bed and breakfast to the Maioria City Hall, to the plaza for snacks and then onto the necessary mid day nap as the Italians do. All through the day the bride and groom were applauded and shouts of "auguri" (best wishes) were heard around every corner. After the nap we walked from Maiori to Amalfi (above photo taken on this walk) for the reception dinner in a tiny bistro.

I felt so honored to have been hired to capture this enchanting day on film. We all laughed, cried and ate just like the Italians.
Audaciously Existing in Abundance,

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