Monday, October 8, 2007

Rigidity Causes Pain

I have a problem of getting attached to projects (and men, but that’s another post). When I realized my book, that was due to be published in October was going to be delayed because I need to spend more time in rewrites, I immediately resisted the suggestion, I was rigid in my “plan” of when this book was to be published.

The pain caused by my rigidity overwhelmed me as I held tightly to my “plan” while knowing deep down the suggestion was right. With more rewrites my message would be that much more impact-full and powerful.

My attachment to having my book published in October was more about fear of not having enough income. In other words, I was making my baby (my book) my moneymaker. I was planning on birthing her prematurely and then I was going to throw her out on the street to start making money for me.

How nurturing is that? And is that any way to treat something that special? Besides my book is not ever going to be my moneymaker. The Me of me is the moneymaker in my life. The consciousness of the Source as my only abundance is what turns on the flow of money in my life. When I make an object or a job my moneymaker I stop the flow. It’s all about focusing on and trusting in the Cause not the effect and staying supple so that the need for adjustments doesn’t cause so much pain.

Staying Flexible,

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