Monday, November 12, 2007

I Spoke to the Ocean

I spoke to the ocean the other day about my desire to understand and embrace expansive, abundant love and to let go of attachment and expectations in love, relationships and sex.

She showed me her expansive depth and then asked me, "What if I only allowed one whale or one fish or one boat to swim within my waters, how limiting would that be?

That was when I laughed a loud looking out at the infinite vastness of the ocean's surface and not even being able to comprehend the depths she reached and the life and love that she held.

She continued by telling me, "I can support and love so much life. Why do you limit yourself to living within the confines of your Puritanical upbringing. It seems filled with limitation, fear and shame. Perhaps your old ideas of love and relationship are old and outdated and no longer serve you. Think about it, expansive love may be your way of doing love." ~the Ocean

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