Sunday, August 26, 2007

Amazing Raine

Raine stepped out of the crowd last night, listened to her heart and went where no other adult could go.
She was jumping on a trampoline with younger boy at a friend's house. When the boy suddenly sprained his ankle and began wailing in pain and fear. He could not control his emotions. His mother couldn't calm him and the cast of doctors, healers, and body workers present couldn't reach the boy.

After the adults abandoned their hope of being able to soothe his weeping soul, Raine slid back into the trampoline and spoke to him quietly about his favorite things. She broke the mesmerism of his fear by turning his thoughts to things that made him happy.

I was up in the kitchen when I heard of the special healer within Raine. I was so proud of her, tears filled my eyes. She truly has always been her own being and what a privilege to be able to share this journey with such a wise, healthy soul. She is as much my teacher as I am hers. She constantly reminds me that making mistakes is a part of being human and shows me the silliness of my perfectionism.

I am humbled by the grace and beauty that our children express daily,
With Gratitude for Raine,
Karen (aka Momma - I love that she still calls me that!)


Ariana kiesel said...

how lucky you are to have a nuturing young soul Raine the mothering child. your seed is in her our world is a lucy place Thank you..........

I miss you girls

Marifel said...

We miss you both very much! While we feel like we've come home, it's just a bit different not seeing you or Raine at VH for dropoff.

I think of you often and I'm thrilled that you've given me a piece of you through your blog. Thank you for the glimpse into your soul...