Monday, August 27, 2007

Take Yourself Out of Balance

A good friend of mine is struggling with her new state of residence. Born and raised a Desert Princess, she is suffocating amongst the green-ness of her present surrounding. She yearns to return to the comfort of her home, where her tribe lives and where she is cradled in the vast open-ness of the desert.

She is out of balance and I know that her moving across the country holds a great opportunity for expanding her consciousness, but that has to be done on her own. So I stand by her and hold her hand across the 1891 miles between us.
I have taken up dancing since arriving in Santa Fe and one of my favorite classes is NIA. It is a free-form style of dance that begins from the inside out. I find it both freeing and exhilarating. In the first class I took the instructor had us stand on one foot, intentionally loose our balance and then quickly find it again while still standing on one foot. She encouraged us to do this over and over again to the beat of the soul-full music playing.

I learned that day that it is in the loosing of our balance that we find it. We learn and then gradually know exactly how to gain our balance back. What an incredible lesson for my life and for my friend, Tink. I need to continue to throw myself out of whack again and again so that I can find that solid, steady, inner-connected Divine balance.

That's where I want to live!!

Audaciously discovering my balance,

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