Sunday, August 26, 2007

She Mocks Me

A crow soars above me with a laughing caw. She mocks my pondering and scoffs at my efforts to understand and become more aware. She is a Trickster. Life is so simple to her up on that air current with her black wings extended, floating effortlessly with a grand perspective. All the silliness we humans and me embark on seems funny to her so she caws at me while I scribble in my journal down below trying to resolve all that perplexes me this morning.

I pause to watch her flight and look upon who dares to laugh at my persistent inquiry - my search for healing and awareness. Looking up at her magnificent height she gives me one last caw and drifts away effortlessly with the wind making me wonder if I should go within or above, or are they even two separate places?

Just as the fish is not aware of the water that she lives in, the crow floats as one with the current, not fighting it or trying to change it. Perhaps the beautiful creature is reminding me to stop trying to control or manipulate the outcomes I desire and relax into the un-seeable song that pours from my heart with humility and become one with the current moving through my soul.

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